Round House


Through the guidance of Rainy River First Nations Elders, the Roundhouse was designed using traditional architecture that has been passed on for generations.

The nine sides of the structure symbolize clans, families, and community. The circular structure represents the Ojibway belief that all that is circular is good. Inside you will find a carving of a sacred eagle, the vision of an Elder in the community. It is said that the vision came to the Elder in a message from the Creator. Four cedar poles in the centre of the Roundhouse signify the four directions, while the round earthen floor allows you and all who enter here to touch Mother Earth.

The Roundhouse was built onto the existing Kilbourne Cottage which was constructed in the 1960s. The cottage was used as a summer home until the 1970s when the Ministry of Natural Resources purchased it to use as a fire station. Rainy River First Nations acquired the property in the 1990s and the refurbishment of the cottage and the addition of the Roundhouse began shortly after.